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Get Back To Motion With Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Herniated discs are becoming a common issue among masses. Studies show that there are 10 million cases of herniated discs per year in India only! A herniated disc refers to a certain condition which results in the rupture of the central portion of the disc. Discs are basically pads that serve as cushions between the vertebral bodies that minimize the impact of movement on the spinal column. This condition is treated via various surgical methods but endoscopic spine surgery has become popular over the years.

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What is endoscopic spine surgery?

Endoscopic spine surgery has brought in a revolution in the field of spine surgeries. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Unlike the traditional spine surgery, where the patient's back is cut open before operating on the spine, the endoscopic method demands no such thing. In this procedure, the surgeon inserts an advanced surgical instrument through a small incision made on the skin and the surgery is performed with the assistance of an advanced endoscope instrument and x-ray guidance. The x-ray termed as fluoroscope is used to ensure that the exact path is taken to reach the affected disc. A tubular retractor is placed on the bone surface and procedure is performed with the help of the instrument. A nerve retractor is also used to separate nerve from the damaged disc. The surgeon then removes the herniated portion of the disc, cleanses it and the nerve is returned to the normal position.
At the end of the procedure, the retractors are removed which in turn allows the tissues to enclose the surgery area.
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What are the advantages?

Compared to traditional surgical methods, endoscopic spine surgery offers a lot of advantages.
  •  Only a small bandage is needed to cover the incision area.
  •  Minimally invasive surgical procedure.
  •  Minimal damage to the tissues
  •  Almost no blood loss.
  •  Higher efficiency, lesser complications, and quick recovery.
  •  Can be done in an outpatient setting, hospital stays not required.

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Feel Free With Total Shoulder Replacement In Hyderabad

The shoulder has a wide and adaptable scope of movement. At the point when something turns out badly with your shoulder, it hampers your ability to move freely and can bring about a lot of pain and inconvenience. Shoulder pain may begin in the joint itself, or from any of the many surrounding ligaments, muscles or tendons.

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Causes of Shoulder pain

Various factors and conditions can add to shoulder pain. The most pervasive cause is rotator cuff tendinitis. This is a condition described by inflamed tendons. Some of the time shoulder pain is the result of damage to another location in your body, usually the bicep or neck. This is known as Referred Pain. Referred pain for the most part doesn’t deteriorate when you move your shoulder.
Other reasons for shoulder pain can be torn cartilage, or a torn rotator cuff. Swelling of the bursa sacs or tendons can likewise bring about pain. Some individuals create bone spurs, which are hard projections that generate along the edges of bones. Total Shoulder Replacement is the best option for all theses cases.

Total Shoulder Replacement

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery, also called Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (TSA), is a successful strategy for treating serious shoulder pain and stiffness that regularly come towards the end phase of different types of joint inflammation or degenerative joint disease of the shoulder joint. The main objective of Shoulder Replacement surgery is faster pain relief, with a secondary advantage of restoring movement, strength, function and helping with returning patients to an activity level as close to normal as possible.


Candidates for Shoulder Replacement Surgery

* Patients with severely fractured or broken shoulder
* Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Patients with bone-on-bone osteoarthritis
* Intact rotator cuff tendons
* Patients with shoulder discomfort, joint dysfunction and minimum ability to perform daily activities
* Wear and tear of shoulder joint over time
* Badly damaged or torn tissues in the shoulder
* Failed physical therapy and analgesics treatment
* Tumor in or around the shoulder

Best place for Shoulder Replacement Surgery

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