Monday, 27 March 2017

Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

A chronic case of arthritis, the rheumatoid arthritis, is an inflammatory disorder that initially affects the joints and spreads to other body systems. In addition to joints, the other parts affected by this disease are eyes, skin, lungs, blood vessels and heart.Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune disorder, that occurs when the immune system mistakes the body tissues to be a foreign body and attacks it. The tissues affected is usually the ones lining the membranes around the joints. The joints affected by this disease appear red and swollen with severe pain during movement. The inflammation that develops around the joint, thickens the membrane effectively destroying the bone and cartilage with time.

The disease is not linked to heredity but a history of rheumatoid arthritis in the family makes you susceptible to the factors leading to the disease. In other words, you are at a greater risk than a normal person. Age, smoking, obesity, environmental exposures to certain kind of metals like asbestos are some factors associated with the disease. Studies show that women are at greater risk of contracting the disease than men.
A case of rheumatoid arthritis can be diagnosed by conducting blood and imaging tests. Blood tests look for the rheumatoid factor, anti-CCP antibodies and an elevated rate of C-reactive protein. X-rays, ultra sounds and MRI scans help to track the progress and severity of the disease.
The treatment for this disease involves medications, physiotherapy, surgical treatments, arthroplasty (surgery replacing the damage part), arthroscopy (surgery with the help of small tubes to remove the damaged tissue) and joint replacement. The treatment is progressive over time and involves a rehabilitation process also.With a motto of ‘wholesome care at affordable price’, Kasturi Multispecialty Hospital, Secunderabad, Telangana offers state of the art infrastructure and advanced treatment in orthopaedic, gynaecology and other allied specialties. Under the leadership and expertise of Dr. M Kasturi and Dr. Sushanth MV, the hospital provides quality surgical and medical care, customized to the requirement of each patient. The hospital provides 24/7 care and is easily accessible.

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Friday, 22 July 2016

Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Knee is one of the complex and largest joint in the body. It helps us to stretch and bend the legs. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other joint diseases cause pain to the knee. This does not allow the affected person to stretch or bend the leg freely. Here comes, the importance of Knee Replacement Surgery. It is also known as knee arthroplasty which is surgical procedure for removing the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve disability and relieve pain. Kasturi hospitals offers the best Knee Replacement Surgery in India.

There are several surgical methods for knee replacement where Total knee replacement is the major surgery. It is preferred when other methods fails. Decrease the pain in people who have arthritic knee joint or injured and increase the mobility are the Benefits of Total Knee Replacement Surgery. People with age around 60 to 80 years are treated surgically since they are physically weaker than young people.

How does it work ??

For determining the best anesthesia, proper examination of the person is done which avoids any reaction to anesthesia. In this process, an incision is made on knee for removing the cartilage and damaged bone on both side of the knee. Implants made of metal and plastic are used to replace the damaged parts for realigning the torn knee. This helps to achieve the healthy knee. Stitches are used for covering the wound.

Kasturi Multispeciality, best Orthopedic Hospital in Hyderabad provides high quality surgical and medical care customized for individual needs of the patients. The hospital also has allied facilities such as cardiology, endocrinology, cardiology and medical gastroenterology.

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Knee Pain Treatment in Hyderabad

Knee pain is not a disease, but a condition that is caused by a sudden injury, an overuse injury, or by a diseased condition such as arthritis. Knee pain can be treated in different ways by considering the cause.

The nerves that offer sensation to the knee return from the lower back and additionally offer hip, leg, and ankle sensation. Pain from a deeper injury are often passed on the nerve to be felt on the surface. Knee pain, therefore, will arise from the knee itself or be referred from conditions of the hip, ankle, or lower back. All of the subsequent sources of knee pain arise from the knee itself.

Knee pain can be acute or chronic according to its occurrence. If it is immediate, then it is termed as acute and if it is long term, then it is chronic knee pain.

According to the degree of knee pain, there are various treatment options, they are,

  • Exercises to Strengthen the Knee and Relieve Pain.
  • Injections and Procedures for Knee Pain.
  • Medications for Treatment of Knee Pain and inflammatory disease.
  • If the knee pain persists, then the next treatment option is Knee Surgery.
We Kasturi Mutispeciality Hospital offers you the eminent health services on Knee Pain Treatment in Hyderabad. Our expert’s will help you always to clear your doubts over knee pain treatment or other orthopedic issues. Feel free to contact us and ask your queries to our experts here.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Spine Surgery in Telangana

How important your spine is

Spine is a vital part in the human body that allows you the ability to bend, twist and move in all sort of directions. Moreover it protects your spinal cord, which is the bundle of nerves that connects your brain to the rest of your body. So any injury or damage to the spine may adversely affect human movements. 

Spine Surgery in Telangana

Spine Injury Causes

Any damage to the vertebrae, discs or ligaments of the spinal column, or the spinal cord itself cause spinal cord injuries. Some of the common causes of spinal cord injuries include Accidents, Sports and recreation injuries, Diseases, Bullet or stab wound, Electric shock, Excess uses of alcohol, Falls from a great heights.

Signs and Symptoms

The spinal cord fracture symptoms may vary depending on the location and severity of the injury. Common symptoms include back or neck pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, muscle spasm, paralysis and bowel or bladder changes.

Treatment Procedures

Today, number of treatment methods are available for spinal cord injuries or spinal cord correction. Spine surgery is traditionally done as open surgery. In this procedure the area being operated on is opened with a long incision to allow the specialist to view and access the anatomy. But these techniques often tends to damage the nearby tissues and ligaments. The discomfort after surgery also lasts for long time. To avoid this, new techniques has been established which is minimally invasive known as Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive Spine Surgery in Telangana

In endoscopic spine surgery, surgeon uses a thin endoscope for a clear view of the internal portions of the body. In this procedure, a small needle is injected into the disc space. A tiny keyhole is made in the middle of the spine, and a tube is inserted through the incision to access the damaged disc and required corrections are performed. The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and took nearly 1 to 2 hours. This endoscopic spine surgery requires shorter hospital stay and faster recovery.

Advantages of Endoscopic Spine Surgery :
  • Less blood loss from surgery
  • Reduce the risk of infection and postoperative pain
  • Reduce the risk of muscle damage since no or less cutting of the muscle is required
  • Faster recovery and less rehabilitation required

Kasturi Multispeciality Hospital offers advanced Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Telangana. Our excellent team of experienced doctors, staffs provide highly sophisticated and advanced treatments at reasonable and realistic manner. Patients can acquire a tranquil atmosphere in our hospital.

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Joint Replacement Surgery in Telangana

Alcohol Consumption can be Injurious to Your Joints..

Orthopedicians say they are seeing heavy drinkers with avascular necrosis (AVN), a disease that kills the bone tissue in the hip joint due to interruption in blood supply. This eventually damages the bone and the joint.
          The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. Too much of alcohol can affect blood supply. And without blood, the bone tissue die. The patient can develop symptoms such as pain in front of the thigh, knee, lateral part of the hip or groin. Most patients with AVN are men in their thirties or forties. They have all been drinking heavily for more than a decade. Reports says doctors diagnoses 10 regular drinkers with AVN a month. Almost all of them undergo hip replacement. 40% of AVN patients an orthopedician treated were heavy drinkers. Too much alcohol consumption is linked with AVN. If you are a smoker or into steroids for asthma or other treatment, your cumulative risk of getting disease is more. Those who come at stage I or II of the disease are treated with either medicines or a minor procedure like bone marrow injection.
     Studies have shown clear links between alcohol intake and AVN, but nobody knows how and why it leads to the disease.

We Kasturi Mutispeciality Hospital offers you the eminent health services on Joint Replacement Surgery in Telangana.  Our expert’s will help you always to clear your doubts over any joint replacement or other orthopedic issues. Feel free to contact us and ask your queries to our experts here.


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Friday, 19 February 2016

Orthopedic Surgeon in Secunderabad

Orthopedic Treatment and Surgery

The word orthopedic is something that is related to musculoskeletal system. And the surgery related with this system is called orthopedic surgery. The problems related with elbow, foot and ankle, hand and upper extremity, hip, knee, spine, shoulder etc. can be treated with orthopedic surgery. Replacement of joints, spinal surgery and arthroscopic surgeries are a part of orthopedic surgery.

Joint Replacement

Joint replacement is basically a surgery, where artificial materials are used to replace the damaged joints. In every surgery, there is some risk
  • Stiffness 
  • Pain after surgery 
  • Blood clots 
  • Infection

Spinal Surgery

Spinal Surgery - The surgery related to spinal cord, basically done for fracture, endoscopic spine surgery, surgery for spinal tuberculosis etc.


Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is the keyhole surgery for disorders of knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle.

Kasturi Multispeciality Hospital consists of one of the best Orthopedic Surgeon in Secunderabad for handling all the orthopedic surgeries in India.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Joint Replacement and it's Procedures in Secunderabad

Arthroplasty or Joint Replacement is an operation to replace the components of the joint implants, which have anatomical shape of a healthy joint and allow you to perform the entire range of motion. After these operations the patient forgets about the pain in the joints and back to active life. The center conducts major operations arthroplasty (knee, hip, shoulder, elbow) and small (knuckles) joints.

Joint Replacement surgery is used in various diseases and injuries of the articular system, which led to a complete or almost complete loss of physical motion functions.  These include diseases of the joints:

Diseases which leads to Joint Replacement includes all types of arthritis and osteoarthritis,  Ankylosing spondylitisQuiet hip diseaseIntra-articular fractures,  Nearthroses,  Hip Dysplasia, and  Hip fracture.

Joint Replacement surgery may complete (total) or incomplete (partial) according to the health of  joints. Partial arthroplasty Replace only with replacement of worn parts, such as bones of the head or the glenoid cavity. Therefore, such an operation is called hemiarthroplasty. Unlike unipolar  prosthesis for total replacement of the entire prosthesis produced in the joint prosthesis.
Before the surgery, the patients underwent a thorough examination, during which determined the  indications and contraindications for surgery, as well as produce a careful selection of the desired  prosthesis. The most common Joint Replacement surgery's are no serious complications and allows  almost all cases ensure the recovery of motor activity of the patient, and save you from many years  of pain.

Common Joint replacement Surgeries are

Hip replacement :  surgery, which aims to return the movable painless joint on your hip which  allows you to return to a familiar life.

Knee Replacement : Very precise surgery, which aims - to give you back a painless movable joints, allowing return to the familiar life. Knee replacement is necessary when the destruction of the knee is so great that the interference that preserves the joint, no longer makes sense

Shoulder Replacement :  Effective and often the only way to restore lost limb function. As a result  of this operation restores all the functions of the shoulder joint and shoulder pain disappear.

Wrist Replacement : The arthroplasty of the wrist joint is performed to improve mobility in the joint and reduce the severity of pain symptoms in various degenerative diseases. Usually, this operation  makes people middle-aged and older patients for whom the restoration of the wrist joint will have a significant positive  impact on quality of life.

Replacement of the foot : As a result of various diseases of rheumatic nature, as well as a  manifestation of flatfoot may occur deforming arthrosis, dislocation or stiffness in the  metatarsophalangeal joints of the foot. This leads to the restriction of movement and pain in the  fingers. As an independent operation or as a stage of correction of flatfoot, the Centre carried out a  unique operation - metatarsophalangeal joint replacement.

Replacement of ankle joint : The replacement of the articular surfaces of the ankle joint with an  artificial one. It is a high-tech operation, which is performed to improve mobility in the jointUsually done in people with low physical activity and elderly patients.

After the operation:  After surgery you need to take rest for 1.5 - 2 months. After the swelling has  subsided and reduce pain with replaced joint, patient  can walk or move with gradually increasing   the load. For most patients, the main problem is the restoration of active and passive movements of  dorsiflexion. To overcome the pain many patients need help of a physiotherapist.

We Kasturi Mutispeciality Hospital offers you the eminent health services on Joint Replacement in  Secunderabad. Our expert’s will help you always to clear your doubts over any joint replacement or other orthopedic issues. Feel free to contact us and ask your queries to our experts here.