Saturday, 19 March 2016

Joint Replacement Surgery in Telangana

Alcohol Consumption can be Injurious to Your Joints..

Orthopedicians say they are seeing heavy drinkers with avascular necrosis (AVN), a disease that kills the bone tissue in the hip joint due to interruption in blood supply. This eventually damages the bone and the joint.
          The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. Too much of alcohol can affect blood supply. And without blood, the bone tissue die. The patient can develop symptoms such as pain in front of the thigh, knee, lateral part of the hip or groin. Most patients with AVN are men in their thirties or forties. They have all been drinking heavily for more than a decade. Reports says doctors diagnoses 10 regular drinkers with AVN a month. Almost all of them undergo hip replacement. 40% of AVN patients an orthopedician treated were heavy drinkers. Too much alcohol consumption is linked with AVN. If you are a smoker or into steroids for asthma or other treatment, your cumulative risk of getting disease is more. Those who come at stage I or II of the disease are treated with either medicines or a minor procedure like bone marrow injection.
     Studies have shown clear links between alcohol intake and AVN, but nobody knows how and why it leads to the disease.

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