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Different Treatment For Severe Shoulder Dislocation

Injuries are quite common in our day to day life. It might occur when we are riding our bike, playing a sport or if we lose balance and fall. Depending on the severity of the impact, injuries often lead to broken or dislocated bones, blood clots or flesh wounds. However, in this article, we are going to discuss and illuminate your minds with a dislocated shoulder and the various types of treatment. You will be an expert yourself about shoulder dislocation and the various treatments available for it by the end of this article.

A shoulder dislocation usually occurs when your upper arm bone pop’s out of the cup-shaped socket which is a part of your shoulder blade. The shoulder is the body’s most portable and used joint, which makes it very vulnerable to dislocation. Once your shoulder is dislocated your upper arm motion becomes restricted and painful. However, most people regain normal shoulder function within a few weeks. But, once your shoulder is dislocated your body might be prone to repeated dislocations if proper care is not taken.    

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 Interesting facts about shoulder dislocation
  • Most people with dislocated shoulders regain normal function within 12-16 weeks by natural healing processes or with the help of rehabilitation treatments.
  • Nearly 25% of shoulder dislocations are associated with fractures of bones.
  • The most commonly dislocated joints in the body are shoulder joints
Types Of Treatment:

There is an assortment of techniques that might be utilized to accomplish this objective. The choice of the treatment relies on the patient, the circumstance, the injury and its effects, and the experience of the clinician playing out the treatment. Regardless of the method utilized, the expectation is to effectively reduce the dislocation with minimum anesthesia. Most endeavors at closed reduction are effective; that is, no entry point or cut is made into the joint to help with restoring the bones to their normal position. However, in some cases “open reduction” might be required to fix the dislocation which involves the doctor to perform a surgery. The different types of treatments are mentioned below: 
  • Arthroscopy: Delicate tissues in the shoulder can be fixed utilizing micro instruments and little incisions. This is a single day procedure. Arthroscopy is a minimally intrusive medical procedure. Your specialist will examine inside the shoulder with a small camera and play out the medical procedure with exceptional pencil-flimsy instruments. 
  • Immobilization: With the help of a special sling or splint for a few days or weeks, your shoulder movement is restricted and kept in a position without movement. This will slowly help the shoulder to recover and fall back into its original position. The duration of immobilization depends on the intensity of your injury.
  • Open surgery: If the injury is serious and the shoulder dislocation is accompanied by harmed nerves or veins, surgery is required. In this case, a doctor makes a large incision over the shoulder to perform the surgery under direct visualization.
dislocated shoulder treatment telangana
If one has a shoulder dislocation, he/she must visit an orthopedic to immediately fix the dislocated shoulder. Kasturi Hospitals in Telangana offer the best treatment for shoulder dislocation with state-of-art equipment and highly qualified doctors. The hospital is located centrally making it easily accessible. The hospital has doctors who are the best in the country and works together to ensure complete recovery and quality care.

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